PortaBase 2.1 (2012-09-08)

PortaBase 2.1 has been released. This release fixes a number of issues on the Nokia N900, adds a few useful new features like HTML export, makes some improvements to the file properties and column statistics dialogs, makes the help files easier to read and use, and makes it significantly easier for translators to contribute to the project. See the full details on the History page.

PortaBase 2.0 (2010-06-02)

The final release of PortaBase 2.0 is out. Only 2 bugs were fixed since the release candidate (and I found both of those; none have been reported by other users). I'll work on getting this release into Maemo extras and Debian unstable, then start working on new features for PortaBase 2.1.

About PortaBase

PortaBase (portable database) is a program for conveniently managing one-table database files. It is available for many platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X (Tiger and up), Windows (XP and up), Maemo (Diablo and Fremantle), and the Pandora handheld PC. Notable features include:

  • String, Integer, Decimal, Boolean, Note (multi-line text), Date, Time, Calculation, Sequence, Image, and Enum column types
  • Add, edit, and delete rows of data
  • Custom data views (subsets of the columns in any order)
  • Filter the displayed rows using sets of conditions
  • Sort the rows by any combination of columns, each in ascending or descending order
  • Optional page navigation buttons, with custom number of rows per page
  • Add, delete, rearrange, and rename columns at any time
  • Specify default values for columns
  • View summary statistics for columns (total, average, min, max, etc.)
  • Import data from CSV, XML, and MobileDB files
  • Export data to CSV, HTML, and XML files
  • Command-line format conversions (to and from XML, to and from CSV, from MobileDB, to HTML)
  • Data file encryption
  • Unicode support
  • Pick any available font to use throughout the application (except on Mac OS X)
  • User-specified alternating row background colors (except on Fremantle)
  • Simple calculator widget for entering numeric data

PortaBase is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Ways to Contribute

There are a variety of tasks that people can undertake to improve PortaBase or its usefulness to people, many of which don't require any programming skills. If you'd like to contribute, a list of suggestions is available here. If you'd like to contribute financially in exchange for some goods and/or services, check out the PortaBase Kickstarter campaign.